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Sunday, November 21, 2004

HB197 Consideration in House

Vote on concurrence with Senate amendments passes 110-84

Rep. Wheatley speaks about bill.  Speaks about regionalism.

Rep. Petrone speaks in favor of the bill.

Rep. Mustio moves to vote and then withdrew motion

Rep. Stevenson speaks for bill as a good compromise to help the City of Pittsburgh.

Rep. Eachus rises in opposition to the bill because it does not address the needs of small 3rd class cities.

Rep. Freeman asks Rep. Deluca stand for interrogation.

Rep. Markosek speaks in support of Pittsburgh.  Bill is best under the circumstances.  Notes that bill helps suburbs as well.

Rep. Cawley interrogates House Majority Leader Smith.  Tax is not mandatory.

Rep. Frankel speaks for the bill with mixed emotions but supports passage of bill.

Motion to table fails 26-168

Rep. Deweese asks to vote against table.

Rep. Smith asks to vote against table.

Rep. Metcalfe makes motion to table the bill

Rep. Maher speaks on bill admonishing Gov. Rendell for his indifference toward City of Pittsburgh.  This issue is not solved and the problems will reoccur.

Rep. Deweese ask Rep. Turzai to stand for interrogation regarding word "corrupt" in characterization of Pittsburgh's government.  Rep. Turzai strikes word corrupt from record.

Rep. Turzai speaks in favor of the bill, listing reservations about providing financial support to City of Pittsburgh

Does House concurr with Senate amendments to House amendments

On suspension 78-118 motion fails

Rep. Deluca asks not to suspend rules

Rep. Costa request suspension of rules to offer amendment.  Amendment would require municipalities to spread out tax above $26 over quarters

  An  Act  amending the act of December 31, 1965 (P.L.1257,
No.511),  known  as  The  Local  Tax  Enabling  Act, further
providing  for  delegation of taxing powers and restrictions
thereon;  providing  for  nonresident  sports facility usage
fee,  for  parking  tax rates and for payroll taxes; further
providing for limitations on rates of specific taxes and for
the  appointment  of  a  single  collector of taxes; further
providing  for  the applicability of petitions under the act
of   July   10,   1987   (P.L.246,   No.47),  known  as  the
Municipalities  Financial Recovery Act; and making a repeal

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